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So, that said, I'll start this discussion with a light topic this week. As you can see from the homepage of this site, I like quotes and aphorisms. The best ones give us the pleasure of an elegant combination of content and form. So my question is, "What's your favourite quote?" It can be funny or serious, by a famous person, anonymous or something that a family member or friend says. Share it and tell us why you like it!

09/01/2013 10:56am

I love the quote: "time is usefull but it doesn't exist".
I read it for the first time many years ago, when I was a child, into the book: "the 6th moon childe-girl"(La bambina della sesta luna). It's a book for baby, but this sentence still remains into my mind.
I agree. I hate to fell the sound of the hands of 'clock on my wrist.
I often think to Peter Pan movie: in his island there are no clocks, any alarms, nothing about time.
If you try to forget time sometimes a week you can found a sort of youth you should say impossible.
This could be one of the secrets of happyness.

07/02/2013 8:23am

The relation-ship between two lovers is like a rose.
One of them is the flower and the other one is the plugs.
One brings pain, darkness, fears and one brings beauty, peace, innocence and purity. The two lovers continuously change through these two elements: the rose' s petals and the rose plugs.
Into this circle of infinitive, promeses and dreams LOVE grows up, breaths and enjoy of its own fascinating strange nature.

Try to love: you'll agree with me.

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